Sunday, 30 November 2014

First advent candle

The time is passing so quickly! Today is already the first Advent! I hope you had a nice and relaxing Sunday to get the first feeling of Christmas time. Maybe you spend the day like me and put up some season decoration.
We are traditional and lighten up each of the four sundays one more candle. So today it is only one.
This is my front-door-advent-decoration since six years. I have four wooden candles and each Sunday I add one that is a little smaller. For now it is still a little empty, this is why I put a wooden star, too. 
I made those wooden stars for the Christmas market this year. On a waste pile of a construction site I spotted those nice thick beam pieces that are probably leftovers from the roof construction. I asked if I could have them and fortunately my darling had a keyhole saw blade that was long enough to cut out the stars. 

A few years ago for my first Christmas market I made a lot of candles, as the organizer of the market thought they where so original. In the end that market had been a disaster and I only sold three, but over the years nearly all of them found a new home and I made smaller indoor versions of them too.
Here are all of them together on my basement stairs. Aren't they looking friendly and cheering up the atmosphere? 
The small ones can be decorated everywhere in the house. With or without green branches. The best thing: they can "burn" the hole day and night without fire risk and the kids can touch them too!

I still love them a lot! It is one of my most favorite decorations ever! Do you like them too? 

A très bientôt,

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