Friday, 28 November 2014

Bags I'd like to keep

Last week I made a bag with a newly arrived fabric and I like it a lot!
I can imagine to keep it for myself. You can see my hand is already grabbing tightly the handle. I am nearly hoping that nobody wants to buy it (very professional thinking :-)
This is why I made immediately a second one the same size but in other colors.
As turquoise isn't a favorite color, I have at least one bag of this type that I can sell happily :-)

One more bag I made for a client who wanted a music bag for her son to transport and store his notes. I think it is a quite cool bag. Can you see the fabric is full of guitars! I ordered it for this project and took the advantage to buy also some other fabrics in the same store to reasonable the shipping fees (fabric junkies are taking all excuses they can, right?)

I also packed 6 boxes of stuff for the Christmas market tomorrow and it took me hours to put price signs on and get everything in order so that the installation of the stand won't take too much time tomorrow morning. I will show you pictures of the market next week and tell you how many leftover bags I have for myself :-)

A bientôt,

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