Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tidy up the fridge

Do you know that situation: You have loads to do, but then you are doing something completely unimportant?
This has been me, tidying up the fridge from the outside this week. 
I got every papers down from it, cleaned the body and rearranged all papers worth keeping. Therefor I marked zones with washi-tape for the different topics. On the front a big zone for recipe and below there are some post-cards. On the side there is the yearly calendar with birthdays and vacations on it in the big blue area and below two zones where the boys can pin their latest drawings, invitation cards and others. Between there is still some free space for coupons and so on.
I hope it stays a bit tidy for a week or two :-) and I will now do some reasonable things...

A bientôt,

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