Welcome to my blog! 

I am glad you passed by and I hope you are having a good time looking at my projects!
I am happy about every comment left for me. As I have to confirm the publication of the comments it can take some days until they are visible.

This is my personal blog. I will talk here about my creations and crafting projects. The contents of the articles are reflecting only my personal opinions and experiences.
All photos shown in this blog are in my property. If I use photos made by someone else, I will outline that.
If the inspirations to a projects comes from the internet, I will always give the link to the place where it comes from. I am not surfing on pages with potentially dangerous or adversarial content. But of course I can't check a complete website or blog on his content, so I can not be made responsible for the opinions of the linked sites.
You are welcome to profit of my ideas. If you want to show projects based on one of my ideas on your website or blog, I would like you to link it to my blog.
Before using one of my ideas on professional purpose, you have to ask for my agreement first.
I am blogging in a language that is not my mothers tongue. There is a slight risk I might use a word in a wrong sense or form sentences that are not completely correct or may have an other meaning than intended. I want already to ask for your apologies if such a case occur.

For any reasons you can contact me via e-mail at:

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