Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas crowns

Yesterday I had a very nice evening with three friends sitting in our basement and making Christmas crowns. I had to make one for a client and I had lots of green branches, so I thought it would be nicer working in company. We had a nice chat and everybody had at least one crown in the end to start Christmas decoration at home.
The first crown I made is for my client. I hope she likes it. It is still very natural and I like it that way. If she wants a bit more, I can add some wooden angels or stars.
It is from fir branches and the flowers and fruits from ivy. I added some red wooden pearls the same color like the candles.
My second crown is already gone to the lady who let me have a stand on her Christmas-market and I forgot to take a picture before.
From all leftover branches I made a very simple crown for our door. I put two birds, an apple and some berries (wooden pearls), so it is not only Christmas style but can stay for the winter (or at least until it looses too much needles) on our front door. Do you think I have to add something to the upper half? Maybe some snowflakes?
When I finished the crown decoration this morning I found a crown I made from birch twigs a while ago. I sewed quickly a little bird and put it in. It will go with me to the market on Saturday.
I still have lots to do for the Christmas market, so I better hurry up ... 

A bientôt,

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