Monday, 11 June 2018

airy summer garlands

Not easy to take something so light and delicate on photo!
I did this garlands with the kids of my crafting class. First we decorated the paper with paint bubbles. I loved that, but the kids not so much (Can't understand why - I love messing around with the color). You put water, acrylic paint and one drop of liquid soap in a cup and blow in with a straw until the bubbles rising over the cup. Then you put a paper on it and the bubbles popping on the paper leaving nice traces. We decorated both sides of the paper that way and added some color sprinkles as well. After drying the paper is always a bit wavy, but you can carefully steam-iron it between two towels.
I punched out lots of round discs 
... and also I punched flowers from unicolored paper. We cut out butterflies as well from the bubble paper. 
Then we put together garlands with little wooden pearls to stop the pieces from sliding down.

I fixed my three garlands to a wooden stick to have them all together. I think the effect is nicer when they are together as one alone is very thin and airy so it didn't catch your eye, but three together do. I like them as my newest decoration element and the children from my class loved their garlands too.

A bientôt,

Thursday, 7 June 2018

4 became 1 - Patchwork-Jeans

Life is rolling so fast, I never have time for anything. But at least it is not an illness stopping me :-) so I am not complaining.
Last weekend I attacked a project I wanted to do for a long time already. My jeans often break at the knees, so I had a stack of 5 jeans that are only useful for gardening and honestly, I am not so much gardening that I need 5 dirty trousers. 
So I choose one that had the best fit and still the best quality around the hips and cut off the legs. I used the original legs as a pattern and cut from three others the best parts to make new patchwork legs! 
It worked so well! And I love the result!

My new favourite trouser when it is too chilly for shorts or skirts!
I wondered if all those seams over the legs might not be a little uncomfortable - but not at all. I pressed them open and sew them down and I don't feel them at all. Not even where all the double seams are meeting on the inner side of the leg.

From one of the scrap jeans I keept the top half for gardening shorts. Lazy as I am I didn't hem them and only rolled up the ends. 
My elder son said that this is exactly the shorts-style at his high-school! I felt so stylish and young when he told me :-) Of course he didn't say that to my patchwork jeans! ;-) But I can see myself that it's not the nowadays style - but I don't care! I am old enough and self-confident enough to wear what I like! You too?

A bientôt,

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Knitted cuffs - against cold arms in winter

I am back! Some major, unforeseen and unnecessary (from my point of view) medical problems stopped me from crafting and literally from doing anything. But finally I am feeling well again and having new energy to do things.

This project is a bit out of season, but I just finished the second half of it, so I show it anyway. 
I have quite long arms and the most pullovers, shirts and blouses you can buy in stores are too short for me. This is why I have lots of warm pullovers for the winter with short sleeves and I'm wearing long sleeve shirts under them. This winter I often felt cold on my hands and wrists, especially, when sitting on the computer. So I had the idea of knitting warm cuffs for my forearms.
For this photo I didn't wear a warm pullover, as right now we are having 25degrees! But I guess you get the idea!
I started only in February and I am not a passionate knitter, so it took until now to finish. With this project I learned to knit plaid pattern. Quite easy technic after I understand it. 
The first one I made with three identic plaids:
Making two time the same is boring, so I made a different layout for the second cuff.
Now I only have to wait for the next winter, to wear them :-) ! But not too soon! Right now I admire the sun and incredible great spring weather!

A bientôt,

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Tags from shrinking foil

Since some weeks I am crafting little tags with shrinking foil. I found it by chance in our local supermarket that is normally not especially equipped with crafting material. I've never heard about "magic shrinking foil" so I bought one package to try. It works great!
You draw with water resistant pens or color pencils on the foil, cut it in shape and then you bake it for about 20 seconds in the oven. It first gets wavy with the heat, but when you see it flattens again, it is ready and about 60% smaller than before and much more fat. Lots of fun.
Here you can see the original size and the finished shrunken tag. The beginning circle is 5cm in diameter and the end product 2,2cm. Stupid me, I took a photo of a round circle with a tag, that I made from a circle with wavy borders. But the sizes are the same.

This are some of my creations. 
The flower one is my first try. I didn't made a hole in it before baking, so I have to find how to use it. Since I punch always holes, so they can be used as little tags.
Those I draw with a permanent black marker.
Not all are round, with the scraps of the foil I made little asymmetric tags. I love the middle one! Wouldn't it be a cute detail on a pouch?
With some of the silver and black colored tags I have a little problem. As you can see they seem to be dirty, but you can't get it off. I don't know how this happened, because I can't remember them being dirty before the baking.
Here I used one tag for a little "thank you"!
Black marker colored with pencils!
One of those I already used as a gift tag for a birthday present:
You remember the present? It's one of my scrappy baskets!
And a little landscape!

I like to make this little drawings. On my desk there are now always some foil pieces and when I have a minute to relax I draw some flowers (mainly flowers). I also made some with names on, for kids to mark their pencil cases! I think there are lots of possibilities to use those tags and I am happy I found out about shrinking foil!

A bientôt,

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Paper Bunnies for Easter

Today I tried out some origami paper rabbits to add to my Easter decoration. I found all kind of instructions on Pinterest and tried four! 
We had great sunshine today, so I could take the photos in the garden, but of cause the bunnies are for inside! (I just hope to have this kind of weather also next weekend for Easter!)

Number 1:
I thought it's funny that you have to blow up the body and compared to the others this one was the easiest, but I don't like the flat face and that the body is directly attached to the face. So, I won't make any more of those.
Here is where I followed the Instructions (and no, I don't understand Dutch ;-)

Number 2:
This one you can fill with little chocolate eggs or other sweets and I thought it might be nice as little Easter gifts, but again I am not so happy with the head. I think the nose isn't really visible. 
You can find the instructions to this one here!

Number 3 and 4:
Those two rabbits are not rose! They both have a light brown color, but somehow the camera didn't get it.
The results are quite similar, but the making is different. It might be because of the video (you'll find it here), but I managed number 4 (the one with the dots) better. 
For number 3 the bottom is originally going in one line down to the ground. After making number 4 I added the last step and folded the edges in, to have a pointy bottom as well. But it might be that I didn't follow the instructions (look here) correctly: they had been in Chinese ;-)

I like the last one best. He is the winner and will get a place in my Easter decoration and maybe some friends alike to play with! :-)

A bientôt,

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tunic in green

It has been a while since I dare to sew a piece of clothes for me. There are two reasons: clothes need a lot of fabric and I fear that the result isn't wearable and I have to throw fabric away (horrible thought).
I am tall and have very long arms and legs. That are the main problems to find fitting clothes in stores and also to find patterns for sewing. I normally have to modify a pattern and it's not done with only adding 10cm in length. But as I fear to ruin the fabric (see above) I hesitate to modify patterns. A horrible circle!
But this don't stop me from buying from time to time fabric that I can already imagine as a top for me. Then it gets in my stack and getting old there :-) But now I saved one fabric from the cupboard and transformed it in some kind of a tunic.
I took a pattern I once took from a good fitting under-shirt and changed it a bit. The important for me had been to have the shoulder-sleeve connection right. The sleeves are double to have the effect of a long sleeve under a T-shirt sleeve. They are fixed together on the shoulder seam.
The length of the short sleeves had been initially as long as the top part of the tunic above the dark stripe. But I had to shorten the top part as it had been too long and I didn't feel like opening up the sleeves again as well.
The neckline is simply doubled. I feared that step, because I hate when the hem is getting wavy, but it worked perfectly in the first go.
All together I am very happy with my new top. I would have liked to have another pattern to start with, but it worked not bad and I think the result is somewhat wearable :-) It is very narrow fitting on the sleeves and shoulders, as the pattern had been for a shirt that is to wear under other things. I can't wear much under my tunic, so it is not made for cold winter days, but I can already feel the spring coming, and then it will be perfect. 

A bientôt,

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Friday, 2 March 2018

Tutorial - scrappy basket

Finally here comes the promised tutorial for my scrappy baskets and bags! Those are great to use up lots of scraps. See all of my bags and baskets I made with this technic here, here and here
And now I'll get started with lots of photos and explanations: