Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas market 2014

This Saturday I had for the third time a table on a private Christmas market in our village. The lady organizing it, is selling professionally clothes in private sales parties. Then there is always one lady with candles and accessories and changing others. This year one sold bijoux, one lady took commands for decorating towels with cross stitch embroidery, one sold aloe-vera-lotions, soaps and perfume, a friend of me had Christmas decoration and marmalade, one lady sold very nice handmade things and interesting spices from Madagascar and the daughter of our host sold biscuits to earn money for a journey. With me selling a little bit of everything I think this little market had something interesting for everyone. 
Do you want to have a look on my table?
The market is taking place in an old dairy farm. left of my table is the entrance door and on the right the Madagascar table.
It is the first year I tried to sell baby accessories and this hasn't been working well. Apparently there are not many new born around in the moment for which the people wants to buy gifts. I only sold two bibs and one cherry-stone-worming cushion. 
In the beginning of the planning for this market I didn't want to bring any decoration stuff, because I have learned in the last years, that it takes enormously time to make cards or decorations and the people don't want to pay much for it. But I had some leftover cards and table-runners as well as three small and three big candles. When I found the wood for the wooden stars (see last post) I decided to bring anyway some decoration and sewed also some white hearts decorated with ribbons and laces. Those where very quickly sold and I got rid of the cushion, the stars and two candles also. 
Also the little key-ring-pockets have been gone. Little things for about 5€ are normally working well, as they are bought for little presents that are good to have in stock.
I sold several pencil cases and make-up cases and got two commands for special color combinations.
The bags on the chair to the right are all gone, except the red quilted one, but that one I didn't expect to sell as it is quite special (and expensive)
The play kitchen stuff is gone too. I have also an order to make an adult chefs hat and matching apron.

Unfortunately there hasn't been as much clients as in the last year. You can never tell before how many people might be coming. Depending on the weather, events in neighbor villages, people forgetting the date and also the general economic situation there are more or less people coming. For me it was okay anyway, as from those coming nearly everybody bought or ordered something from me. 

Now I have to work on the commands. I have also to put the rests into the online-shop and make some advertising on "a-little-market" to get rid of some more things.

A bientôt,

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