Saturday, 9 July 2016

Calendar page July

With the page for July from my 2016 Calendar, I leave for summer vacations. I hope you are enjoying a great summer too and have a little time to relax.

SU in some weeks - Happy summer!!

Bonne été et à bientôt,

Friday, 8 July 2016

Kids entertainment bags

Just in time for our next tour, I finished two bags for my boys, where they can stock their entertainment stuff for vacation tours on car. I don't think they will work for flights.
Those bags are 28 by 22cm and 12cm deep. Inside there are several compartments to keep the stuff in order. One soft lined part is for a tablett PC - for long car rides (back home to germany it's about 1100km) they can have our old ones. Otherwise they have earphones to listen to audio books without bothering us and without discussions between them what to hear. You won't believe how relaxing it is since we do it like that! Then there is still lots of space to take books and games and whatever they think they need for vacation. It's interesting to see the different priorities! :-)

The first one I made for little son from old jeans combined with an alien-on-tour fabric. Inside I even recycled a back pocket from a jeans as side pocket. My little already carried it a lot around and packed and unpacked it. For the photos I only kept a few things inside.

Only today I finished the other one for elder son. He chose his colors himself and so I had to deal with black and red. It looks much more grown up though. The inside is the same only I transformed one devider into a zip pocket.
Let's see if those bags keeps a little order in all the stuff we have to take with us :-)

A bientôt,