Thursday, 30 March 2017

a little crafting

I just want to show quickly a little crafting I made lately, finishing off a knitted string that my sons started ages ago with my old eehhhmmm knitting-spool? knitting jenny? french knitting doll? (what's the common word in english?)
I saw lot's of examples that formed a shape with a wire inside and I tried it out for a cat!
Not as easy as it looks like to get the wire in and to form the shape, so it's not wavy but flat. Maybe my garden wire isn't that good for it.

A bientôt,

Saturday, 18 March 2017

3 horses on stamps

Today I carved 3 stamps that I am very happy with! 
No, I LOVE them!
The horse with the turned head I found here, and I liked it so much, that I copied it and made two others the same style drafted by myself.

I used the stamps directly to decorate the birthday presents for a little girl (containing horse books :-).
Aren't they cute?

A bientôt,

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Easter fabric tableau with rabbit

For my youngest niece (9month) I made a fabric tableau for her first Easter feast. The background and the base of the tableau is thick felt. The rabbit is very soft to touch as it's made from artificial fur. The daffodil is three dimensional and you can lift up the petals. 
To learn slowly the secret of egg-hunting I made some eggs from cardstock with fabric around. You can hide them in the grass around the rabbit and I think even a baby will have fun picking them out.
Easter is still 5 weeks away, but it already feels nearer.

A bientôt,

Friday, 10 March 2017

More paper crafting

The second week of my boy's winter vacation had been rainy and stormy. Great to stay inside reading, playing and do some crafting. On Pinterest I found some nice paper toys with free templates.

First we tried this Flextangles. There is an easy to follow tutorial and a video. After I explained them how the sides would come together in the finished toy, the boys had to concentrate hard for their patterns. I had to help a little for the gluing that is a bit tricky. But later it's lot of fun to turn and turn and turn them over.

We also made some Paper balls that I found on this side. There are two free templates to download and some with very nice patterns that costs. Also a video tutorial.
My kids tried the template with a spiral pattern on it and I made a ball from a blank template and decorated it myself with flower drawings.
I made some helping lines with a soft pencil, to know until where to draw in the different zones, then draw the flowers with a black pen and finally colored them. 
I scanned my flower pattern to have another template for the kids. If you like, you can have it too. Download here!

A bientôt,