Monday, 10 July 2017

Tree in a circle

In the weaving class we made woven trees in branch circles. I made a test one for myself first and it was quite tricky to put the warp thread. I let the kids do it two by two, so one always hold the circle and the middle of the tree, where the trunk ends, and the other put the threads.
Next step is to wrap the trunk and a bit the ground around it. I let some strips hang down as roots. 
But the kids didn't like the roots and made just simple grounds. This is how far we got the first afternoon:
I even started some branches before starting the weaving and feared a bit that all kids want to do the same and would never finish, but no. The same with my weaving, I tried to do it with lots of different colors in spots and not half circles, but the kids weren't inspired to do the same. They had been happy by weaving lines.
During the second afternoon, we all added pearls to our weaving. And finally at the third afternoon, we finished the project. I didn't expect it to last that long. But everybody was happy in the end with his tree. Unfortunately I only have 3 of the four trees on photo:

The last one had used very thin wool for the weaving and it would have taken hours to finish, so I proposed some clouds that are a nice twist also.
During the weaving process I had to fix the warp threads for the kids with tape to the circle, because they always moved.
A nice project and the kids liked it, even when they were getting a bit inpatient in the middle. But this could have been also because of the incredible heat we had.

A bientôt,