Thursday, 25 February 2016

Something's gone wrong ...

I wanted to sew a little outfit for a baby born last November to an old friend of mine. For being sure that it fit, I choose size 74 and made a shirt from a pattern I already used several times (for example here).
For the trousers I tried out a new pattern and ... have a look: Do you think this is the same size?
I have the impression the trousers are huge. Even when you like the style of oversized skater pants :-) What I can't imagine with my friend.

A bientôt,

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Selling in a new shop

Two weeks ago I heard about a new shop that opened up last autumn, a bit away from my place, and that is selling some crafting materials (wool for knitting, paper, some fabrics, ...), giving crafting courses and also selling handmade articles on commission. Of course I had to explore that shop, because individual shops selling other than the average are rare around here. 
A very sympathic place with lots to explore and two very nice girls running the shop and the crafting courses. The shop calls Augustine&Balthazar and you find their webpage here.
I love shops that are individual and you can find unique products. Lots to see, lots of inspirations and if you are looking for a special gift you surely find something.  
They have been so kind to take some of my products too. I left some bags and pouches, the sheep cussions, two white cussions that I didn't sell on the christmas market and all I had for play kitchen. 
As I sold nearly all kitchen accessories before Christmas I hurried to fill up the stock: pizza, more pasta, aprons and chef-hats, fish and fried eggs, bonbons, tea bags and cookies. You can see them installed on one of the shop photos above. 
I hope that the two shop owners are having success. You need a lot of strength to start something like this store and the buisiness world is hard. So many lovely shops and great ideas can't stand financially against the big brands. But this is so important and I see more and more people searching the extraordinary. 

A bientôt,

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cards for my dears

All in all I am not so much into Saint Valentine's day. Normally we let the day pass by like any other. But yesterday I felt like crafting some cards and made one for each of the three most important men in my life. They get them for breakfast today.
Kind of kitschy, but that's how Valentines day is!
Today is the ugliest weather outside, so I made a big fancy cake (not in form of a heard!) and my dear is cooking lunch. Seems as we are having a warm family day together. 

Bonne journée a vous et vos bien-aimées!
A bientôt,

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Tea time

Want to have a tea?
I made some thick felt buiscuits and little scrappy tea bags.
 Some are for our play kitchen the others for sale.

A bientôt,

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tidiness for threads

Last week the little drawer where I stock my threads looked like this:
Then I had finally enough of the mess, bought a strip of wood, cut it to pieces and glued dividers in the little drawer:
After a divided basket and a divided bag, now a divided drawer!
I hope it stays in order for a while ... rarely seeing my sewing desk that tidy (except when I have to tidy up the hole room because we need it for guests)

A bientôt,

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Divided ...

I have been looking for a new project for my sewing students and tried out a divided basket. I have been seeing those already since a while in the web but never tried. 
This is my first one and I found the free instructions under pattydoo's lovely patterns. For the inside I used up a piece of wax-cloth and as I had been afraid it might not be stable enough, I used the white outer fabric in a double layer. I guess that has been a little too much.
I have no complaints about the pattern and instructions, they are both great, but my result didn't satisfy me for 100% (okay not for 90%, my work seldom reaches 100% on my scale :-) ). Maybe it is because of the fabrics? I seldom like points... 
Anyway: I looked the internet for other ideas. I found two other methods (have a look at my sewing pin board). I especially fell in love with this bag and needed immediately to sew one for me!
I used two stable fabric from the swedish furniture house and no stabilizer. It holds very well. This time I am satisfied! 
The size is 35x14x25cm and it has the right size for a picnic bag. Whenever we are leaving for a trip that needs more than a 1,5h drive, we need a picnic on board. Our kids are great car partners, they are very patient, but latest, when we reach the freeway, they want a snack. So I designed this bag to fit under the legs of the front passenger, who has the role of the stewardess. This could look like this: 
Fortunately my husband and me having long legs that can cover a lot of picnic :-)
There is a third method to put the divider in a basket or bag that I read about, but it seemed more fiddly to me than the two methods I tried out, so I will probably stay with those. The last one is very much my style, as you can easily adapt it to every bag size you like.  

A bientôt,