Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Last weekend my sons and I made some very simple stamps. We cut squares, rectangles and triangles out of foam rubber and glued them on little wood scraps that are always available in the workshop of my husband.
A while ago I bought a set of 6 ink pads. With all those colors we started stamping away.
My initial idea was to build dream towns. The boys made castles! After we stamped enough squares and triangles we took black pens and draw windows, doors and others:
Want to guess which one is mine?
Especially my younger son (4) can't stop doing this crafting. Since he is producing every day one or two.
Me, I like the scribbling papers on which we stamped off the left over color too.
I think they are quite decorative too. I already turned one drawing and a waste paper into a card. My town is the front and a piece of crazy stamping is on the backside with the text.
I already made a lot of stamps from rubber foam. It is working very well, it costs nearly nothing and it is very easy to make stamps (in all kind of shapes) with kids. I really recommend it as a DIY project with your kids.

A bientôt,

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