Monday, 20 January 2014


Since we live in our house (soon 5 years) I had problems decorating the living room wall. There is a big blank wall with only the TV-furniture in front. Initially I thought we need something big to hang on the wall, as it is a wide room and includes also the dining table. When coming in the room you are always looking at that wall first. Of course I had plenty patchwork ideas, but as we have already the big colorful other patch hanging on the other side of the room, I don't want to overload the room with fabric.
I wanted a painting, but never found one in the dimensions I had in mind. I tried myself to paint something abstract, but it didn't turn out.
We changed the wall color from white to cappuccino that helped a little.
There has been always something hanging at the wall, but never something we really liked or thought this could stay. Lately there was nothing except some little wooden stars.
I thought about a long shelf all over the length of the room to just put decoration and framed pictures on it or bottles with flowers, changing it regularly - depending on the mood. My darling didn't like the idea and didn't want to install a shelf.
Then 10 Days ago I had an other idea and I have been able to try it out without a mans help. So I went directly to our basement, found an old board and some bars (left from an old lath floor) and started cutting, sanding, gluing and painting ...
5 little white houses. I made first 3 of them and then again 2 - that's why it took me 10 days. They are 22 cm wide and between 25 cm and 30 cm high. The frame is about 4 cm profound, so you can put something on it.
This is how I decorated it today, but it can be changed whenever I have a new idea or need other seasonal deco.

The first one has one of the snowmen's inside that I already showed here.
For the second one I took a twig from outside and put two clay birds for company. The birds are whistles that my boys got for Christmas, but the tone is so high that our cat is always hiding when they blow it. So now it is forbidden to use them in the house. It will last longer as deco anyway :-)
The third one in the row is actually the last one I decorated and I had not many ideas left, so for the beginning it is just a little drawing I made in 10 minutes this afternoon. It will probably change soon.
The forth one houses a stack of wood. I cut the trunk of our Christmas tree in slices and oiled them with olive oil to get out the texture. As the wood has been still very wet when I cut it, I am not sure how it will behalf when drying inside. It will probably crack. I cut a cat out of thick black paper.
In the last house is a drawing I made last year.
For the moment I am very satisfied with this wall! I am looking forward of changing the decoration throughout the year. I will tell about it ....

A bientôt,

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