Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hello world

You know how it is with new year resolutions: Normally they are forgotten by February!
But I really feel the need to do some more things than the normal every-day-tasks. I want to explore new ideas in professional and hobby like fields (or both).
I have a lot of ideas, but I also have several handicaps:
- I am afraid of taking chances
- I am lazy, taking preferred the easy way
- I like to find excuses
- I have always a lot of other things to do that seams to be important too
Sounds horribly weak, doesn't it? But my self-knowledge also showed me a back door: all my life I showed best results under pressure. Deadlines are a very good thing for me!
Since 2.5 years I don' have a boss any more who tells me what to do and until when and as my husband is too kind to tell me, I need to find an other force. Last year I founded a sewing circle for some friends who wanted to sew more, but needed advice. It has been fun and also very motivating to try out new technics to show them possibilities. So for example, when I announced to show in the next week what to do with old girls trousers, I finally turned two pairs of trousers into different kinds of skirts, something that I had in mind for years!
So I will now (miss)use this blog to set myself deadlines! I hope that if I announce here to do something, then I will really do so. If not, there is maybe someone out there to remind me and work on my guilty conscience.
So first announcement: I will find out how to upload pictures and show you my winter decoration!

Ahh, probably you want to know more about what I will blog to stay interested? I love to sew (nearly everything, but very few clothes until now) so it's patchworks, quilts, children stuff, deco. I like to craft with paper, wood and other materials. I also want to show my seasonal changing decoration of the house.

As for my person: I am German (36), living in France since 8 years. By now I can read and understand french quite well, but writing ... It would be too much of a challenge to start blogging in french. But comments are welcome in either french, german or english.

A bientot,

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