Sunday, 19 January 2014

Front door Deco - January

The floor under the Christmas crown that is hanging outside beside our front door, is looking like that:
This is the Christmas crown I made end of November. 
But it's time is over and I it is time for new entrance deco.
I went in the garden to look for inspiration. We have a wild hedge lining one side of our garden and it is always full of ivory. I am pulling out several kilometers each summer, but it is still there. I got some long lianas and wound them to a new crown (not entirely round). I reused the red wooden pearls that have been in the old crown too and added two birds that I bought in the sale last week. Not very colorful and a bit basic, but remember: It is winter. Nothing outside is very decorative in the moment!

Our front door is above the ground, so there are concrete stairs and a platform. I normally have some flower pots there. Big blooming ones in the summer, but now there are only two small ones.

I quickly made this afternoon this little garland, telling the obvious ("hiver" = winter). The pennons are cut out canvas, connected by bias binding and the letters are foam rubber. Should be weather resistant.

A bientôt,

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