Saturday, 18 January 2014

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Yesterday I woke up with a perfect idea in my head what to sew. I already saw the finished product in front of my inner eye. Enthusiastically I started the very afternoon - and what can I say: The result is horrible! Hasn't been a good idea at all. I put it in a dark corner, but I think it is not even possible to recycle it for an other project. I hate putting fabric in the bin! I am one of those who treasure theire fabrics!
So, no new stuff to show here, but I noticed that I didn't jet explained my header photo. That's also a project that didn't ended like I had planned.
It is a patchwork I made 2 years ago, when I decided my scrap box was too full (or is it too tiny?) :-). I cut everything in stripes and sewed long rectangles about 25 by 150cm. Those I cut again in 20 rectangular triangles. I connected the triangles to 5 big squares and added solid fabric for the corners and some leftover smaller triangles for filling up the spaces on the sides.
Above you can see the finished top and you can also see directly the problem: It is not lying flat. In realty it has been much worse. It has been the result of me quitting one ironing step (I will never do again!). So no possibility to turn it into a quilt. After keeping it for a few months in the already mentioned dark corner, I decided to just tension it. My husband made me a frame of 2 by 2cm wooden laths. I first straightened some batting material over it so the wood couldn't rub on the fabric. Then I pulled the moistened patch over the edges of the frame and transfixed it on the backside. It became wonderful straight and since it is hanging in our living/dining room over the sideboard and gives a lot of happy color to the room.
I really love this wall-patch now! So you see not all errors in my sewing projects are leading to lost fabric.
Before I liked to put flowers on the sideboard, but now they are not really visible in front of the colorful background. Can you see the nice gladiolus in front? 

And now it is time for an Anouncement, so you will get a new sewing project to see.
Until end of next week I will make a writing case for a friend of mine.

A bientôt,

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