Sunday, 12 January 2014

Snowmen inside

I just installed my snowmen decoration on the sideboard and I still love them!

I made them last year at the same time. I had a look at our fire wood and chose some thick branches that havn't been split. Then I cut slices of about 3 cm and attached always two with a wooden pin. I added a pin as a nose and let the kids paint them in white. For more accuracy it has been me who painted the noses in carrot color. I drilled holes and added little twigs as arms. Little twigs are also the mouths, just like you do for real snowmen. I found goggly eyes too.
After they still looked a little naked, so I cut of some leftover pieces of jumper jersey to give them some scarfs. 

Last winter me and the kids also felted some balls for the snowmen to play with. :-)
My sons immediately started playing with them. They normally do play with our decoration, so it is always a bit rustic. Also the arangements are changing from day to day. I call it "living deco".

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