Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Not jet content

I promised a friend to make a writing case for her. This hasn't been a good idea! I now know why they are that expensive when you want to buy them!
I didn't use leather, as it is expensive and I wasn't sure about the result. Also I didn't had enough on stock. I used synthetic leather instead. Cheaper and normally easier to handle as it isn't as stiff and hard as real leather.
For the pieces I measured paper blocks and made my own pattern.
Blue is the favorite color of my friend, so I decorated the outside with a patchwork banner and some seams. As the edges of synthetic leather are not so nice, I framed the inside pieces with bias that I cut from blue patchwork fabric.
For the side of the case that holds the pad, my friend wish to have the possibility to put either a college block (slipped in from the side) or a normal block, where the paper is fixed on top (you can see the opening for slipping that in on the piece on top right.
Unfortunately there is no good store for sewing equipment in our region. I couldn't find an endless zipper in the right size, only very thin ones. I had to take the longest coat zipper I could find, but it is still a little short.
The most difficult was to put in the zipper and sew the round corner smoothly.
The whole thing had been a little sloppy in the end, but that I had expected and put in thick carton for stabilization. Now it is stable, but I dislike the little waves in the leather on the surface.
The outside is not in a state that satisfy my, but the inside is quite good.

I am jet not sure if I can give it like this to my friend. Maybe I have a search in the internet if I find a pattern and instructions to make it better.
This project got on my nerves for two weeks now and I need a rest. For the next weeks I will sew easy and pretty things!

A bientôt,

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