Tuesday, 2 June 2015

baleine rouge - red whale

I gave myself a fabric-shopping-restriction, because I have a big space problem in my sewing room. It is at the same time our guestroom and it takes quite a while to clear up when we are awaiting guests. The last didn't even had one shelf in the cupboard to put their things in it. If you are asking a sewing addict, she never has too much fabrics, but I have to stay reasonableI donated some fabrics that came somehow into my possession, but that I didn't like. Funny enough it didn't helped much to close the cupboard doors again, there is plenty left that needs to be used. 
This weekend I pulled out a 50cm piece of Ann Kelle's "urban zoologie" fabric to actually use it. I like the clear forms of this fabric series - I think the animals are very characteristic and perfect for little children. I also had a thick and soft coton molleton, a friend gave me. It had been already used, but the quality is great. I like used fabric: if you know it had been already washed several times, but you can see and feel it is still good in colour and surface, then you are sure about it's great quality and that it will last also for all the future washings.  

I made an easy light summer-toddler-blanket:
The blue whale is applicated and as it is a single layer blanket the application is visible on the back side. I knew this before and when it is not possible to hide something, I think it is best to made it look like purpose. So the stitches are also dark blue from behind.
Don't you think that red is a missing colour in this whale school? I made a red toy whale:
It can go like "underwater" to hide behind the other whales in a pocket that is integrated:
He can hide completely, but the blanket becomes a little bulky what I didn't liked so much. Also there has been some fabric left and this leads me to a matching cuddling cloth. One side is whale fabric the other molleton with an applicated red whale. For the kid to fiddle around there are some jersey stripes.
It is fitting much better into the pocket:
I still didn't use up all of the fabric. You think I should made a fitting little pouch? 
All together a cute ensemble for a baby, isn't it? I need to update my shop and put it in. (It has been a long time since I really worked on my shop. It is much easier to sell privately and I have been quite busy lately with costumers commands and sewing courses)

A bientôt,

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