Thursday, 11 June 2015

My first cardigan Mary

On the first sight this pattern looked so comfortable to me, I had to try it! 
And it is really comfortable! The absolute right gilet to wear in the evenings when it gets chilly after a warm day. 
The whole front is doubled and forms at the same time a large shawl collar, that you can tuck around yourself. Cosy!
Like all the patterns of Pattydoo that I tried so far, there had been no problems at all. I had only difficulties to sew the neck-shoulder-seam, but not because it hasn't been well explained, just because it is the only tricky part and surely I recognised it too late. (Should have taken the extra step and stitch over it before using the overlock) 
As you can see the cardigan is cut longer in the back than in the front. There are two solutions for the sleeves and I took the narrow sleeves, so I can only wear T-shirts under it. But that is no problem as I planned to use it in the summer and make myself a second one in winter with a woollen fabric. 

I just love it! Therefor I will show it in rums-link-party (that is only for things you are crafting for yourself)

A bientôt,

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