Sunday, 28 June 2015

A trees quilt

Only three days later than announced (it's end-of-school-year-stress!) here are some pictures of the second wall-hanging I made, when thinking that my brother might expect trees in his quilt after he had seen this one I made in January.
Again I used the wildfire motif from Christina Cameli to create 5 treetops.
They are not very regularly. Some parts of the Tree tops are denser than others, but I keep telling me that real trees are also not even.
The most fun it had been to quilt the trunks.
And the last step it had been to create a little landscape with lines.
For the sky I didn't do any quilting. I thought it might be too much. The open space has a structure of its own, as the fabric is ruffled around the treetops. A quilted area is always pulling the fabric a little bit together - it's like shrinking. I am thinking about wind, when seeing the wobbles in the sky area.
And this is the whole composition! Click on the picture to see it larger.
I hung up this quilt and the one I presented in the previous post in our guest room (also known as sewing room) and my brother and my sister in law slept for a week below them - and decided for the first one! :-)
But I don't regret making two. It had been fun and I like both of them, even when they are totally different!

A bientôt,

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