Monday, 8 June 2015

There's music in the air (and on the wall)

For this weekend I helped organising a Gospel concert in our village. A choir from the near city offered to give a concert for the profit of our school. Amongst other things I have been responsible for the decoration of the hall and the attached bar area. For the bar room I made some paper garlands: 
I love to make those as they are quick and easy. You cut a lot of triangles (at school they have a cutter with which you can cut several papers at once) and then you are just sewing over them with long stitches. I used paper that has 120g/m² and I've never had rupture problems with it. 
In the background you can see that I put white notes to the magenta wall. I put also black notes all around the concert hall.
As it takes quite a while to cut out so many notes I asked a lady that is giving crafting classes at school if their students could help me and they did. Some not very well, but it was still a big help and only the most ugly ones I had to smooth on the edges afterwards.
From cutting the buntings of the big garlands there had been a lot of paper scraps left. Those I cut to small buntings and made little short garlands that had been hanging on every glass door leading to the hall or bar (there are at least 10). Those papers have been only black and white and I drew some notes on them. I also let a bunch of children try and their buntings are the most creative ones.

There has been one more decoration with white paper fans and silver-glittery Christmas tree balls, but I forgot to take photos.
The concert was a big success and I got compliments for the decoration as well :-)

A bientôt,

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