Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sunshine and picnic

When it is really really sunny, it is much too hot on our terrace in the afternoon even with an umbrella. In this case we like to take a blanket and move with our afternoon snack, some drinks and books into the half shadow provided by some big trees growing on the edge of our garden. To be even more comfortable (and to protect my good sofa cushions) I made some simple pillow cases and stuffed them with old pillows.
Our garden-blanket is very colorful and I choose matching unicolored fabrics for the pillows. 
I made the blanket already two years ago and I still love the happy colors. It is not patchworked the print is like that. I just added a heavy batting and a dark blue back and stepped some straight lines to hold it together. 
We love to have picnic in the garden (and elsewhere)! Isn't it looking like a relaxing afternoon? 
I hope you can enjoy sunshine and shadow this weekend too.

Bonne weekend et à bientôt,

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