Friday, 29 May 2015

Hoody #1

Who said that it is only girls that are driving their moms crazy because they are having their own mind about what they want to wear and that already in very young ages? I couldn't add a word to the choice of my eldest about how his hoody had to be. In one word "black"! Except the hood that was allowed to have green stars and he agreed also to a green striped lining for the hood. But "no-no-no" to other green elements like a front pocket.
It didn't turned out as boring as it might sound

I disobeyed and changed the cuffs on the sleeves and made them with stars too, half expecting I had to rip them of and add black ones :-)
The black part of this pullover is a recycled sweater and I kept the hem. Unfortunately I cut not precise enough and the backside is slightly longer. To make it less visible I left a slid on the side. Looks like I wanted it this way.
The pattern is shirt-Leo from Pattydoo, with which I already made the t-shirt for my other son. It is a very flexible pattern.

A bientôt,

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