Saturday, 9 May 2015

Raspberry fence

I have not much to show lately, as in the moment everybody is ordering bags and it's a little boring to make blog-posts only about bags that are all more or less the same type. (It's getting boring sewing them too)
Also I am doing a lot of gardening. We had some good rain that makes everything growing very fast, especially the herbs. 
Are you remembering my raspberry plantation? During the summer the raspberries are growing over my head and often bending down. I tried to keep them upright with a wire fence, but it hasn't been stable at all and not high enough. A month ago I found some wonderful branches on a cow meadow. They had been cut since at least two years and lost their bark, but did not rot. They were smooth like floating wood and had the most beautiful light brown color. I asked and could take them with me for a rustic and stable fence:
It's a little hard to see the raspberry plants in front of the other hedge, but they are in average about 40cm higher than the pickets. Between the two levels of shrubs I try to keep a little path free to walk between the rows for picking the berries.
You can't see the poles? They are only 1,5cm thick iron rods that I hammered about 1m deep in the ground. Then I drilled holes in the branches and stuck them up on the rods. See some more details:
I am very happy with the look! (I would even like to have some more branches if I could find). Maybe I should cover the tops of the rods so nobody could get hurt. The snail shell is decorative but will probably not hold ...

A bientôt,

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