Tuesday, 26 May 2015

File folder cover

This is the cover I made while taking notes to explain how to determine the pieces for it (post yesterday). 
Additionally to what I described yesterday I added a pocket and a lable holder to the front. For the lable I just fixed two vertical straps and you can slide in a piece of cardstock to lable the folder.
For example paper I put in some drawings of my son, but the folder is meant to be for my grandma.

You want to know some more details about how to assembly all the pieces? No problem, I took some photos:
First, be sure you have all the pieces and that all the extras are fixed.
Now you have to concentrate to put everything together in the right order. Therefor I put the cover with the nice side up in the middle and lay the flaps with the nice side up beside the edges where they will go. This means the left flap (left when the folder is open) is lying on the right side of the top. Imagine that the right side of the cover is what you see when the folder is closed and when you open it, you see the left flap, which is in my case red with a pocket. This leaves the right flap to the other side.
Then I turn the flaps onto the cover. The right or nice sides are facing each other!
The lining is covering the whole. Fix everything with needles and sew once around, leaving an opening for turning on the bottom. Take care that the layers are not sliding out of their place. 
Cut back the corners and turn the cover. 
Iron and close the opening.
It should fit now to your well measured file-folder!

A bientôt,

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