Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Advent calendar

In December it is easier than normal to get the children out of bed in the morning, as they are curious what might be in their advent calendar.
When both of them have been little we had socks, where I put everyday something in. This way, there has been never the risk that an inpatient child might open all the packets the same time. 
Last year I decided that they were old enough for a calendar with 24 sacks. I like when you can see how the calendar is getting emptier and Christmas is coming nearer. 
From scrap wood I built a little ladder and painted it white. There are 24 hocks for the little sacs, that I fill with little goodies or chocolate.
I wrote the numbers last year by hand, but this year I replaced them by little stars with numbers on it. 
The little bags have different sizes, so I can put everything in. There are long ones for pencils but also small ones for just one chocolate ball. I run out of fabric last year and the order only arrived in this year, so the last of the 24 bags I made last-minute this Sunday.
The ladder is leaning against the wall in our dining room. On the sideboard you can see the gingerbread house that we decorated this weekend.
Have a nice advent too, with plenty of little surprises!

A bientôt,

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