Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas cards I

Yesterday it has been the last day of school for this year. The boys came home in the afternoon all exited each with a friend. The two elder ones played something rowdy that I didn't understand, but they were laughing all the time and singing jingle-bells in french. My youngest and his friend (a girl) wanted to do some crafting and I proposed Christmas cards, as I needed some too.
We had a nice little workshop and have been very productive:
We made candles with washi tape and added some punched out stars and drew fir tree branches. When I see the cards of the kids that are all so different and individual, I found mine nearly boring. 

I will need some more, as I have lots of family and friends in Germany that I don't see for Christmas and that are getting traditionally a letter with all the news of the year and a card. So there is at least one more post following with Christmas cards. 
Have a nice weekend of fourth advent and don't stress with presents - they are not the essential for Christmas (except if you ask your child)

A bientôt,

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