Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas cards II

I love Christmas cards! I love to make them and I love to get some myself. In this quick times of e-mails, instant messages and Skype, I like to get and send "real" mail that takes it's time and because of that it is already more valuable. I like the personal touch that is transmitted. My cards are little presents that I like to send out for those I like.
Last year I made a winter card. A bird looking for berries in the snow:
(The photo is not very good, I made it last year in no time before sending out nearly all of them) The bird is cut out from green motiv paper and glued to the card. I surrounded it with a black pen and drew the wing and everything else. The snowflakes are light grey (not possible to have white snow on a white card - no hint to air pollution).

Also last year I made some gift tags. They are to open and you can write a short message inside.
I invented the writing myself and started to carve it in lignol to have a stamp. It took very long and shortly before finished I saw first a spelling error and than, that I didn't do it inverted. After throwing the stamp to the next wall and than in the bin, I decided to print the letter tree and hand-color it. Good solution I think. I like the little cards. I still have lots left and use them also this year to add to small presents.

I wish you lots of cards or letters with greetings from family and friends!

A bientôt,

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