Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Baby outfit

For my seven weeks old niece, that is growing faster than her parents can buy cloth (so they say), I made a very cute little ensemble of shirt and trousers. Since I detected Mara's blog I wanted to sew also baby clothes. It seems that she is sewing everything for her little daughter from body's to jackets. There have been lot's of links to patterns and some of them have been free books, so that's perfect if you just want to try out. 
It has been so much fun to do those little little pieces. They are in size 62/68.
Why didn't I know how to sew those, when my boys have been little? 
The shirt is from this free pattern and it calls "Trotzkopf" what means stubborn. I hope the name is not program for the child inside!
The trousers are from "Milchmonster" (milk-monster) and called Frida. You can have a free version in the sizes 50 to 62. For bigger sizes you have to buy the e-book.
I made the trousers from corduroy that has been in my u-f-o box for ages. I tried about 10 years ago to sew a coat for me, but the shoulders have been never fitting correctly and I gave up. Now I don't have to be sorry for the waste of fabric, I made this lovely pants from it. 
I hope very much that they are fitting and that the parents like them too, because I am eager to sew more of those!

I didn't realized it, but the last post has been already the hundredth blog-post! I had fun writing them all and I hope that some out in the www liked to read them. I can see in my statistics that there are often visits to my side, but I can't see if someone is following regularly. 
When I started in January I didn't know if it would please me to blog, but now I will continue, as it is like a nice little journal for me about my creative life. Also I find so many inspirations in the blogs of others and I hope that some might find my ideas inspiring too. 

A bientôt,
Jane, qui attaque le prochain 100!

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  1. Merci beaucoup, Madame Jane!
    Es freut mich sehr, dass Dich mein Blog inspiriert hat! Du hast Recht, unsere kleine Zeitspielerin ist fast immer mit selbstgenähten Sachen eingekleidet. Dein Set gefällt mir auch sehr gut! Ich mag die dezenten Farben!
    Vielen lieben Dank, dass Du so nett über mich und meinen Blog schreibst und ihn verlinkst! Das ehrt mich sehr :-)
    Schön, dass Deine Hose bei Cord, Cord, Cord dabei ist!
    Viele Grüße
    Mara Zeitspieler