Sunday, 28 September 2014

Why triangles?

I like triangles! Whenever I look for more or less traditional patchwork blocks, I like those containing triangles best. And every time it takes so much more time than I have to make them.
  1. I cut a bunch of triangles in the chosen colors. The yellow/orange ones I have counted, the blue ones not, probably I have to cut more during this project.
  2. I sew two of them on the long edge together to get again a square (and no, I don't like the method to sew two times diagonal over two squares and cut later in the middle). I then have a long chain of triangles.
  3. Ironing
  4. Cutting of the threads and the seam allowance that is passing the border of the square.
  5. Sewing two squares together to get a rectangle
  6. Ironing
  7. Cutting little blue squares and larger yellow/orange ones
  8. Sewing together the parts to get a star, with one more ironing step in between and in the end.

Yeah!! Yippie!! I have 6 nice stars! :-)

But now I have to do the same again, as I need 12 stars for the planned Quilt :-(


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