Monday, 8 September 2014

2 happy clients

End of last week I got two demands for customized products and I surprised myself by already doing them very quickly this weekend. 

One was a writing case like this one, but smaller to host an calendar, an address-book, business cards and notes. As it has been a special size, I couldn't buy a folder for the inside. The friend who ordered the case gave me some cardboard and we cut three pieces (front, back and a small stripe for the width). With other carton pieces I tried out how to glue them easiest together, and found out that fabric with Vliesofix worked really really well. I will use that again. 
An elastic is fixed in two lashes to the fabric covering the cardboard, to hold pens.
Taking that as the base size I made step by step all the required slots and pockets as well as the outside cover and put it all together to an envelope that can be closed with a press button (middle of the flower in the belt).
From the inside it looks like this. I marked with little arrows where there are slots to put something in. 
Today my friend came to pick up her order and there was the moment of truth when we tried out if everything fits in as I had planned. Luckily it did!
I am very pleased with the result and my friend is very happy with her case too and loves the design! What do I want more?

The other happy client is mom of a cute 1.5 year old boy who needs new slippers for the nursery. She wanted the name on the slippers and I managed to cut and fix small leather letters on them - this took me longer than cutting out the slipper pieces and sewing them together. Fortunately the name isn't longer and the boys feet have already size 21.

So, this has been a very productive weekend and we had great weather on top of it too. 

A bientôt,

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