Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Long names

A cute little girl has been born by one of my friends. The present for her has been ready since a while, but I promised to put her name on it and this took me a while. Why are parents giving so long names to their kids and also more than one? Fortunately the family name is short (you can't see it on the photos though).
Okay, I have already added longer names, but the letters had to been small to fit on the road and has been quite fiddly to cut them out. For the painting I used the same method like here and again it worked very well!
You ask what it is? This is a fabric picture/tableau for decorating the baby room. It is either nice to look at, or you can use it as a board to collect for example the cards you got for the birthday. In the top right corner there is a pocket, to put in normal sized envelopes or cards. The white strap on the bottom is an elastic, where you can clamp papers behind or fix something with little cloth pins. 
The hole size is 40x40cm. The fabric is stretched over a wooden frame and fixed with stapler needles on the backside. I added two hooks to hang it up too.
You like it?


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