Tuesday, 16 September 2014

felted acorns

The fall is coming! The acorns are falling from the oak trees - in all colors as you can see ...
This are my first steps on needle felting. Already several years ago I got felting wool in nearly all colors as a present, but they have been in the cupboard since as my hands don't like to be long time in touch with soapy water. Yesterday I decided I wanted to try out this idea for felted acorns that I have seen often in the web. 
I wanted to do it with my kids, but it took me an hour to find the felting needles and in this time they found something else to play. Also it is quite dangerous to prick with a sharp felting needle on little woolen balls. I wore leather gloves.
Once I found out how to do (thank you you-tube) it has been soooo easy and I felted acorns in all color I had.

Lots of fun!

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