Friday, 12 September 2014


Already back in June I mentioned, that I found a nice pattern, that I wanted to try out. Have a look on this nice little boat quilt. Isn't it perfect for a baby room?
I searched for a long time in the internet to find a nice patchwork fabric with newspaper print. I couldn't find any that I liked! It seams as if the trend of word-prints is nearly over (and I missed it completely).
In the only nearby fabric shop that has mostly deco-fabrics for curtains or cushions I finally found a newspaper print that has been okay, but the fabric has been too thick to make a real patchwork with it. I tried anyway to make some boats with it and applicated them on an old curtain (to stay in the same fabric family).
It took me all summer to find a fitting fabric for the sky. This is now a very soft jeans fabric from a skirt I wore when I have been a teen in school.
It is still a little boring though. I hope I can make it more interesting when I quilt it. 


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