Friday, 27 June 2014

plastic etagere

Since a while I see in the internet self-made etagere's (is this the right word in English too?). I thought that if you make it from plastic dishes it might be a nice idea for the kids play kitchen. 
I bought a plate and a little bowl, that have been cheap and simple but from stable plastic. 
I drilled holes in the middle of each piece. Not necessary to buy a special drill, I did it with a wood drill and it worked fine.
I took a threat bar, cut it to the right length and fixed the dishes with screw nuts. On the top I fixed a wooden knob that I painted red.
The dishes have been simple yellow and I decorated them with red flowers that I punched out of waterproof adhesive foil. 
First use has been on the birthday table of my youngest, filled with chocolate and bonbons.
I think later they can use it for their play kitchen, where both boys still like to play often. Okay, the elder one started lately cooking magic potions there with his friends :-)
In the internet you can find many offers to buy nicer bars and knobs to build your own etagere, for example with flea market dishes or grandma's old plates or whatever you like. My one here is the fast and economic way :-)


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