Sunday, 8 June 2014

Summer Top

After about 20 to 40 times of washing my t-shirts are starting to shrink. Since a few days we are having really hot summer and I found at least three tops that are still okay in width (ufff, it's not because I am getting fat) but I think they are too short (I don't like worrying what can be seen, when I am bending down).
Today I took an other top of mine as example and an old shirt of my husband and created a top that is to wear loose over a tight jersey top.
The front is made out of the back of the mans shirt, as it provides the most fabric. For the back I reused the button border and the front of the shirt. The mans shirt had been slim fit, so the width of the top is the absolute maximum I could cut. I could imagine making it the next time even wider. 
It has been quickly done, except of the bias tape. Therefor I cut one shirt sleeve in stripes, sewed those together, folded and ironed them. 
So, this light green shirt is now safe to wear again for the summer. I like the casual fit and I think I will make at least one more top. 

Bon weekend prolongé de Pentecôte et a bientôt,

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