Sunday, 22 June 2014

Last minute knight tunic

Yesterday we had a feast with all the friends of our boys. The occasion has been our youngest fifth birthday, but he wanted to invite only 4 friends and so the big brother could have his friends too, which are mainly the elder brothers. The theme was "chevaliers tournament" and we had all afternoon 7 knights and 2 princesses running around our garden and in the evening the parents too, for a nice BBQ on a big fire.
My husband prepared most of what you need to be a real chevalier, as helmets, swords and shields. As a last minute project I made some tunics for my boys from old T-Shirts of their dad. I just cut of the sleeves and draw dragons and lions on front and back.
I found the pattern in the internet and printed them out in black. You could see the form lightly through one layer of T-shirt and I just had to trace the outline with a fabric marker. 
We had a hobby-horse too. I drew the form of the head on an old board and my husband cut it out and fixed it on a stick. I painted the face and fixed a piece of moleton that I cut in as mane. It has been a very brave horse that carried friendly all knights during the tournament and also a princess, when she had to escape from a black knight.
This has been our Midsummer feast! Not very traditional, but fun!

And now it is officially summer! Still two weeks to go for the school holiday, but already it is summer feeling when it is so warm outside and the air smells of hay and flowers and the cicadas chirp until late in the night (I am not sure they are stopping at all :-)) and the kids love that they can go out rarely dressed...

Je vous souhaite un très beau été,

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