Monday, 23 June 2014

Baby Quilt - quick and easy

For encouraging beginners to do a quilt, I wanted to know how long a very easy quilt would take me, so I could estimate the time a beginner might need. Therefor I didn't agonized my head, but took a tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman (look here). I even took the inch measurements from the tutorial, normally I do everything in cm. The tutorial is for using up charm-squares, but I haven't had any and took fabric from my stack. 
This is what came out and really in an amazingly short time:
The longest it takes me to chose the fabric (like normal), but cutting and sewing has been a quickie. It would have been even faster, when I didn't decide to change one of the colors. What is now light green has been yellow before, but it didn't look right to me when I finished the rows, so I replaced those pieces. 
The back has been even faster, it is just a piece of white molleton and a stripe of apple fabric on top and bottom. As it is a baby size quilt, I like the back to be cozy.
For the sandwich I used a very thin cotton batting. The hole quilting took less than an hour. I meandered with a leave twine all over the quilt, interrupted by some wonky apples. 
Without the binding, I don't think the hole quilt took me more than 4 hours of work. I guess a beginner could do also in two evenings of 3 hours each, what do you think?
By the way, the size of the finished quilt is 32'' by 38'' (or 81cm by 97cm).
It has been nice to finish a project that quickly and I felt so productive too! I think I will try out some more easy projects without a lot of thinking. This is probably the right for a relaxing summer. Also I know some babys that might need a blanket :-)


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