Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Elastic bracelets

For today I had planned to make some photos of the new skirt I sewed yesterday, but it is raining since tonight and I don't feel like standing in a skirt for hot summer days and a small top in the dripping garden to get a picture. 
Instead I had a very calm and relaxing morning with my boys on the sofa. We have been reading, playing, breakfasting and also handcrafting. The "rainbow loom bracelets" fever is high at the boys school, as it is everywhere. My boys wanted to do them as well and we got a bunch of elastics, but no loom. Until today we have been only able to make the simple ones (but even the younger can do) and basic fishtail ones with a normal crochet hook. I think the fishtail is the nicest pattern, but still quite fiddly to do.
My darling likes to surf on and he gave me a link for Loom techniques. I found this link and made this little helper today in 5 minutes of time.
Much easier and different to the 4-side-fishtail we made before. Very fast my elder son and me finished two bracelets. He can do all by himself, but it is me who made the beginning. 
His arm is now a bit overly decorated, but he will give at least one away on a birthday party this afternoon.
Personally I am not so much fan of elastic jewelry, but I think it is great that this way even very cool boys, who would normally never do needlework, are training their manual and fine motor skills. 


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