Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Second (or last?) Top

Finally I finished the second Top, to wear over too tight or too short T-Shirts. Again I used an old men's shirt - this time it is from my uncle! 
I wanted to make it a little more sloppy than the last and probably that has been a mistake. Again I didn't had enough material in one piece, so the front is kind of patchwork style. I am quite proud, that you nearly can't see that there is a vertical seam in the middle. Two a bit more visible seams are on the sides. 
After I produced like this a big piece of fabric, I cut the front much too large and had to adjust two times the width. Back and front have the same shape and I decided to add a little extra to the front and form a triangle with the fixation of the shoulder straps. This too I had to open up again once, to adjust the length of one triangle side.
It started to get really on my nerves, but now it is ready. It hasn't been very warm yesterday, so I took a T-Shirt with sleeves to wear under it for the photo.
(Click on the photos to see them larger)
Looking at the photos I think the straps might be still a cm too long. Should I shorten them?


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