Friday, 4 April 2014

Stone Patchwork = Mosaic

Finally I don't have to wait any more to give my mom her birthday present and to show you some photos of what I crafted mainly in march! 
My mom has a beautiful garden with plenty of flowerbeds and lots and lots of different and sometimes rare plants. So nobody will step on a plant when weeding, she puts stones in her large flowerbeds to put your feeds on. Now I made some stepping stones that are also decorative!
Therefore I collected old porcelaine and my kids had fun to smash it:
I told them to wear glasses to protect their eyes, but they chose their dads helmet!
I later found out, that smashing plates and boles to little pieces is hard work. It took longer than expected to have enough little pieces for making a mosaic.
I put a plastic foil in an old tarte form, cut chicken wire in the right size for stabilisation and asked my husband to make beton. Then I put the porcelaine pieces on top. They didn't sunk in very far, just enough to connect with the beton. After drying for a day or so, I used joint plaster to fill the gabs between the mosaic fragments. 
As I had to do it step by step, it takes quite a while to finish 5 stones. But have a look at them. Aren't they nice?
I like number 4 best: The man who are in a hurry to come in his garden! 
I am sure my mom will love them and I hope they will be as practical as I imagined. This is how it looks from the side. You can see where is beton and where the plaster. I hope the plaster is not coming off when using.

My three boys and me are now off for one week of vaccation with my whole family!
SU soon!

A bientôt,

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