Saturday, 19 April 2014

Felted slippers

Method: knit it - felt it!
The only crafting I did during my two weeks in Germany has been knitting two enormous slippers. Obviously they didn't fit my (also big) feet:
They are out of felting wool. I read several instructions to find out how to make them. With a mixture of all this advises I started, quite curious about the result. I am not very talented for knitting, but simple plain or purl stitches I can do. Even more simple with thick wool like that and needles in size 8mm.  
For the felting there have been even more differences in the manuals than for the knitting. I tried out the french way and put two jeans and the slippers together into my washing machine and washed them with normal program and normal washing powder at 40°C. I waited anxiously until the program finished and took out two nearly perfectly fitting slippers! Yeah!
After a day of drying, I can now wear them.They will keep my feet warm in the evenings! 
I have to add a sole to use them in the whole house. Otherwise they will get holes in the heels too quickly, as the socks my grandma is knitting for me do. There are several possibilities to make a sole: either I can sew on leather soles, or try out with latex milk (liquid rubber that you can add in several layers to make an elastic and perfectly fitting sole), or just gluing rubber dots under. If I can get the latex I will probably try out that method.

Je vous souhaite une bonne weekend de Paques!

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  1. WOW ! They fit perfectly and look very warm. I accidentally shrunk my Son's Lambswool Jumper. If they didn't take too long to knit I would like to knit some of your Slippers