Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Return with new material

Hey there! I am back from two weeks in Germany. I saw nearly everyone of my family, visited familiar places, ate too much, had a week of typical north German spring weather (from fog over rain and storm to sunshine and back) on our families vacation spot, drove 2500 km and I did some shopping!
Living in a very expensive french area with few shopping possibilities for crafting or sewing supply around, makes me see Germany as a cheap shopping heaven!
This are my purchases: grey oil-cloth with stars, black-gray woolen fabric for an over-the-trousers-skirt for next winter, lots of different leather pieces (they are rests that are sold by kg), a few ribbons with mainly boys motifs on it, about 20 m of endless zipper in different colors and rubber blocks for carving stamps in bigger sizes! 
I know I need all those things, but I don't know with which project to start first. Actually I am back since Sunday evening and haven't been near my sewing machine at all! Incredible? Yes, but the house really looked messy and we had kind of a green explosion in the garden - so lots to do! But I will be back soon with something nice. Hope you visit again!

A très bientôt,

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