Saturday, 26 April 2014

Too many Bags

My plans for yesterday (Friday) have been only to tidy up my sewing room that is also our guests room, as friends are coming to stay over at the weekend, and to bake a very big jummy cake! 
And what did I do yesterday? We woke up very early in the morning by the sound of running water - a leak in the tube for the lavatory downstairs. The water had been already down the corridor and to the kitchen and dripped into the basement. Sucking up about 100 liters of water had been quite quick, but the rest of the day I have been sorting out the basement, drying things, cleaning (even clean water can make a mess in a dusty basement), throwing away wet cartons, drying more, .... also I had a job to do at the school (fr: Sou des Ecoles - en: booster club?) ... and of course I started the cake and tidied up the guests room. 
It is good to have overnight guests from time to time, otherwise I would get lost in all the fabrics and stuff I spread out in that room. It's getting more and more difficult to find places to store all my things. Especially finished products taking too much space. My finished bags are hanging from the ceiling now:
Below the bags is the stack of shirts waiting for ironing.
This are too many bags! Already since a while I want to start selling my stuff over internet. I just have to register before to the french system of freelance work (auto-entrepreneur). Since beginning of the year I am reading about it and looking in the internet at the inscription forms, but I am pushed back by the bureaucratic french language and the fear of signing in to something about what I haven't read (and understand) all small-written paragraphs. I really need a kick in the bud and get it done!
Announcement: in two weeks I will have filled out the papers and send them in!
But today I will just relax and get a big piece of cake and a good conversation with our friends!

Bonne weekend a vous aussi!

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