Friday, 28 March 2014

Again Pyjama trousers

This week I made two more pyjama trousers for me. I ordered some jersey fabrics to try out different qualities and thicknesses. I used the pattern that I made for the first pair of trousers (look) and tried it out with a heavy interlock jersey in a very nice gray-blue, as I wanted to have a pant for hanging around on cold evenings on the sofa. 
What should I say: I doesn't fit correctly! When I wear it, it forms a flap above the crotch (is that a good word to use? I found it in the dictionary, but I am not sure it is a "clean" word) and is sags. Directly all the old thoughts about sewing clothes were back: "doesn't work out as I want it", "no fun", "lot of work for doubtful results", .... 
And no, I won't show you a photo of the trousers! I will rip of the waistband and ad a new one from more stretchable jersey. Maybe the flap goes away, if the trouser stays on my hips.
After that I need a break of a day and then I tried again with a much lighter fabric. And have a look, it worked quite well:
I know the photos are not good, but I am in a great hurry, as I have to pack for a journey and prepare lots of things for my family who stays at home. Yeah, after 7 and 1/2 years, I left for the first time all alone! It doesn't feel right, but I will probably enjoy it anyway. It is only six days and after me and my beloveds will have a week of vacation together. This means, it will be quiet here for two weeks, except that I might find the time to prepare a post with some photos of the present I made for my moms birthday
Hope you will visit my blog again in middle of April!

A bientôt,

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