Thursday, 17 April 2014

The birds are out

While gardening and getting stuff from the basement out on the terrace, I also found my wooden birds I made last summer and I let them out to fly in the sunshine:
Already in the year before the last I made some wooden birds/ducks, but they can only sit in the flowerbeds. They are already out since early spring, and when returning last weekend I had trouble to find them in all the green. 
These are the two last ones I have, but I made several more that are now in new homes. I also made a weathercock, that is outside the whole year. He can turn with the wind on a fence pole in our front yard and is watching everybody who is entering the garden.
All the birds are cut out with a keyhole-saw (right word?) of a 17 mm thick board and they are painted with acrylic paint and a brush and they have a finishing cover of clear varnish that is UV protecting and waterproof. 
They are looking happy in the sunshine, just as I do!

A bientôt,

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