Sunday, 9 February 2014

Writing case - 2. version

Over a week I have been looking at the writing case I made in January (watch here). I disliked it more and more! Especially the outlining seam has been very disappointing. It is not straight and the most annoying is that the tension is not equal: some stitches are tense and some are very loose.
After sewing some easy bags, I felt brave enough to think about a solution for this project again. I can't give something away that is not satisfying me. So for not disappointing my friend, who wanted the writing case, I had to think of something else. Friday night I had a new idea: It is not a real case, as it is not closed by a zipper, it is more an advanced folder, but for the beginning I am very happy how it turned out and this one I will send to my friend and see if she likes it. Maybe some when in the future I will attack again a version with a zipper.
For this one I took a normal folder and removed the clips/hooks. It is just the base for giving stability. I didn't use synthetic leather this time. It is cotton fabric with a light batting that's giving a little volume. It is to close with a velcro strip, that I added to a cotton belt.

Inside it has the same features like the first version. On the right side you can put either a block (opening in the blue horizontal line) or a college block (that can be slipped in from the left side).
In the middle there is a piece of belt where I fixed two elastic lashes to put pens in. This stripe hides also the holes where there has been the clip before and pulls the outside nearer to the folder, even when it's open.
On the left side one can slip in A4 papers under the blue and apple cover. The apple fabric forms a little pocket for smaller paper and there is a pocket for business cards also.
Even if it is still possible that loose pages and papers are falling out while you carry it, I think it will serve its purpose. I'll see what my friend says.
A bientôt,

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