Thursday, 13 February 2014

St.Valentin hearts

Tomorrow it is Valentines day. It is not really a date that means anything to me. If my husband needs to be reminded for weeks by TV, radio, Internet and other advertises to buy a gift to show his wife that he loves her, it doesn't feel very romantic for me. So normally we are not celebrating that date, except that maybe I make a fancy cake or so. Just for fun and because my darling loves cakes and I like to make them.
But over the years I generated anyway some little decorations that lasted in our household. 
Several years ago I mad this two patchwork hearts from scraps. Now they are hanging together with a faded rose on the air exhaust beside the chimney.
Last year I took little stones and draw hearts with red acrylic paint on them. For each family member there has been one with his name on it. I put them for decoration in the middle of the table on a small linen (that's why it looks so crinkled, I tried to iron it!) table runner. Those pebbles stayed for some weeks as decoration and I guess I will get them out for tomorrow again.

I have an other house deco that has hearts in it. When I first tried to make garlands with triangle pennants I experimented a little with the size and form. I used an old white bed sheet and when I found my preferred form I quickly made some more the same size to see how they appear as a garland. For not wasting this example I applied some red hearts to decorate the boring white pennants. I found no one whom I could give this as a present, so it is now hanging in our bedroom between two roof beams.

Yeah, I am not the most romantic person in the world, but I wish you all have a Darling to think about tomorrow!

A bientôt,


  1. Salut Jane,
    ca va? So, I finally found you and your blog! Thanks for your post and your help :)
    Danke auch für den Tipp mit dem Blei für die Pilze! An das hatte ich anfangs auch gedacht, allerdings liegt bei uns sowas nicht einfach rum, also brauchte ich Alternativen.
    Dein Blog gefällt mir und ich mag Deine Winterfenster-Häuserdeko besonders und überhaupt.
    Ich denke, ich werde hier nun öfter mal reinspitzen.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende und
    schicke liebe Grüße von hier nach dort

    1. Wow, der erste Kommentar! Ich freu mich dass dir meine Sachen gefallen, das ist ein großes Lob für mich!
      Liebe Grüße,