Saturday, 22 February 2014

Already done!

Very surprisingly for me, my new pyjama pants are ready. Already since yesterday morning, but I had to wait for my husband to make some photos today. And we found out, that it is not easy to photograph white pants. I am looking fat on most of the photos, what in reality I am not!
In the last 15 years I only had one pyjama that has been comfortable and stylish at the same time. I already mentioned that trousers are normally too short for me. If I buy longer ones they are often also wider in the waist and bulky around my bottom. So this one pants fitting well is now 3 years old and falling apart. I used it to make a paper pattern - this took the longest time. Then I cut it out of a light jersey, I already bought last fall. Same color and same fabric as the old pants. 
Yesterday morning I got out my overlock machine and just half an hour later it has been done! Then the moment of truth - yeah! - everything fits just great! And the seams are looking so professional with over-locked stitches. I am very happy!

When my husband saw my new pyjama when I put it on first this morning he said: "Hey, it's looking exactly like your old one!" - "Yes, my darling, that's what I wanted it to look like!" I took it as a compliment, anyway!

And now I directly want to make a second one with a little thicker fabric. Not that I am cold in bed in wintertime, but I want to have a comfortable warm pant to hang around on the sofa in the evenings. Hardest thing will be to buy the fabric. There is no fabric shop near my home! I need to find something online or have to wait until my spring vacation in Germany. 

I also took the decision, that I have to keep on trying with clothes. So every month now I want to present a new piece of clothes here.

A bientôt,

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